Essential Oil & Products

There is a little something for everyone! For you, your pets, your kids, your grand babies, and your house cleaner! Supplements, cooking, fitness, DIY's, skin care, make up, and men there are products for you too! 


Essential Oils

Essential Oils are little bottles of pure joy! These oils benefit every system of our body as well as affect our emotions. They are pure 100% distilled or cold pressed essential oils that comes from our farms and partner farms and they are completely toxin free!

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Popular Kits

These kits give you the choice of where you want to start your toxin free journey. Whether you start with the 11 oils and diffuser or you dive right into the super food drink Ningxia Red or Thieves Cleaning kit, all you products are essential oil infused! 

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Kids & Babies

The Seedling and KidScent line are an incredible way to replace the toxic products normally used daily on our wee ones. Replace them with products that are boosting their immune systems! Each line is  pre diluted for our precious little ones and they smell amazing! 

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All of your household cleaners can be replaced with one amazing cleaner! Thieves cleaner. Boom. Done. Boost your immune system while you clean! Young Living also has hand purifier,  toothpaste, and so much more created from Thieves Essential Oil, because it does it all!



Most of us take supplements and those of us who don't, should! Young Living supplements give us a whole new level of products that were created to support a balanced healthy life style. These supplements are essential oil infused and cover foundation nutrition, targeted nutrition, as well as cleansing nutrition. 



The vitality line is the perfect addition to every kitchen! There are so many options for ingesting vitality essential oils. The options are endless from drinking grapefruit vitatlity essential oil in your water every day, creating the perfect salad dressing with lime essential oil, or creating an exquisite pasta dish with all the Italian herb essential oils.



Calling all workout buddies! Whether you are a hard core fitness buff or you are trying to get back into shape, there are oils and supplements for you! Blends such as En-R-Gee and Motivation are pretty self explanatory in how they help you get to the gym. Combine that with Ningxia Nitro and PowerGize and you will be ready to get out the door!



Our furry little creatures in our homes are so sensitive and it is just as important to create a toxic free environment for them! On top of using essential oils on our pets, an entire AnimalScents line has been created for them including shampoos, dental chews, and the animal scents ointment which is absolutely amazing.



Do It Yourself. Everyone has a little bit of DIY in them. Whether you are mixing a beautiful diffuser blend, making up a tub scrub, or going all out and making your own laundry soap, there is something for everyone! I have a few of my personal favorites listed for you all to create.


Guys & Oils

There are so many ways for guys to dive into oils too. Beard care and body care, Fitness products, and supplements are just a few that . The Shutran line created specifically for men includes some amazing shaving and grooming products that every man needs in his arsenal. 

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Skin Care

Our skin is the largest organ on our body and it definitely needs the most care because it is exposed to all the elements. The ART skin care line, body washes, and additional products like the eye cream, wrinkle cream, and facial scrubs are just a few of my favorite things.

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Make Up

Non Toxic make up anyone? Savvy Minerals is an incredible mineral make up line that I am slightly biased toward since the main ingredient is mica sourced within the United States where there is no child labor involved. Gorgeous make up that is ethical? Yes please! 

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I had tried a few oils, but finding the oil that would wheel me in did not happen until I tried Grounding. To me it is a unisex oil appealing to my household and has not been an issue diffusing in the office. The scent really penetrated through me and had a calming effect on me. The scent has elements of both men and women! Woodsy and floral!
— Esra