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These premium starter kits are the only thing on Young Livings website that are HALF OFF! You can start your journey to toxin free living with essential oils and a diffuser, the thieves infused cleaning line, Ningxia Red our amazing antioxident drink, or completely toxin free make up with our Savvy Minerals kit! 


premium Starter Kit with Essential Oils

Do you want to dive into what essential oils are? This is the kit for you! There are over 300 essential oils on earth and this kit is the perfect place to start with 11 oils. These oils cover every situation as you start out.

This kit includes 11 essential oils, a diffuser, 2 samples of Ningxia Red, a sample of Thieves Cleaner, a roller glide top, 10 sample bottles, and 10 Love it! Share it! Cards.  There are 5 different choices of diffusers to choose from. 

The Essential Oils Premium Starter kits with the Dewdrop diffuser is $160, the Desert Mist diffuser is $160, the Rainstone diffuser is $205, and the Aria diffuser is $260

Premium Starter Kit with Thieves 

Are you ready to do a complete overhaul of the toxins in your home? You can start right away making those healthy changes and making a difference with this kit. 

This kit includes 2 bottles of Thieves household cleaner, 2 bottles of Thieves foaming hand soap, Thieves toothpaste, Thieves mouthwash, 2 Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier, 2 bottles of Thieves on the go Spray, a 15ml bottles of Thieves essential oil and much more!

Thieves Premium Starter kit is $160



Premium Starter Kit with Ningxia REd

Do you want to dive into a healthier life style starting with a daily antioxidant dose of Ningxia Red? This drink is an amazing dietary supplement that was formulated to bring health to every lifestyle. We drink this daily in our household. It is the first thing I pack when I travel too!

This kit includes NingXia Red 2-pack, 30 NingXia Red Singles (2 fl. oz. ea.), a box of NingXia Nitro, Stress Away™ 5-ml, Thieves Household Cleaner 1-oz. sample and many more resources. 

Ningxia Red Premium Starter kit is $170

Premium Starter Kit with Savvy Minerals

Are you ready to switch over to ethically made mineral make up with the beautiful Savvy Minerals line? This line is absolutely gorgeous and new products are continually being added to it!

The Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kits include 1 foundation, 1 blush, 3 eye shadows, 1 lip gloss, 1 misting spray, a foundation brush, 5 ml lavender essential oil, and more. With these kits, you have the choice of Cool 2, Dark 1, Dark 4, and Warm 2.

The Savvy Premium Starter kits are $150


Which Premium Starter Kit will you get today?


And did you know? If you already have a premium starter kit, you can buy additional kits through the Quick Order function?!