Our Team

One of my favorite parts of Young Living is the relationships!! Seriously, the way my relationships with these two lovely ladies in the picture below has changed since college is just beautiful! And can I tell you how much I have adored creating MORE relationships with so many people that I never would have met? Thanks to Young Living, I have met them and have built beautiful friendships! We seriously have an amazing group of people to get to know!


Kristin Menath

My name is Kristin Menath and I am a Young Living Executive. Before getting started with Young Living, I was a new mom to a prematurely born baby. Little did I know that shortly after giving birth, I would end up in a hospital bed, poked and prodded daily (once was 24 times in a two hour period). No one knew what was happening to me. I was completely helpless. And to top that off, I was also drowning in emotions I didn’t understand. The anxiety I felt over trying to keep my not-even 5 lb infant healthy was beyond overwhelming.

Fast forward to a year later when a dear friend shared the impact essential oils had had on her health. Learning about oils empowered me with tools to support my family’s emotional and physical wellness and even take care of myself for once. ;) One thing I know is I will never again feel as helpless as I felt sitting in that hospital bed. And that is what brings me here today I absolutely cannot keep this a secret.


Jessica Myhrberg

My name is Jessica. I am a home-schooling mama to six, wife to a hard working husband, doula to birthing families and Young Living educator. My oil journey began during my last pregnancy. I was struggling. I ordered several essential oils online and had a vision for how they could help me, but still struggled well into post-partum. And then came Young Living.

As a birth and post-partum doula, I wanted access to the highest quality essential oils for my clients. The biggest surprise—after the arrival of the starter kit was the help the essential oils were to our own family! It helped with sleep and helped my husband with occasional pain as he has transitioned back to work.

Essential oils have been an incredibly powerful preventive health tool in our family’s toolbox.  Health issues were something we just had to deal with, now have solutions through natural, God created essential oils.  I am equipped to handle the health concerns that come for our family and friends with continued learning in essential oils.  This journey has been so exciting and empowering, I want to share this knowledge to help others.


Elanna Anuraga

A lot of things happen by chance.  Already at age 24 young, I (Lana here) look back on my earlier years and see pieces to my life puzzle that I hadn’t fully seen fitting together until now. Young Living essential oils is a new piece to my puzzle. Like a middle piece, it’s one that you’re not sure how substantial that piece will be or how it will affect your masterpiece. I am so excited to see how it will grow. Change is inspiring and intoxicating! When I first got my starter kit with the 11 different oils in it, I had no idea that the weeks leading ahead would have me thanking God for them.

From giving birth to my son, to the emotions you go through right after and when you finally get home. From getting used to my new role as a wife and mother and all the new life changes. Having oils as an outlet has given me perspective and awareness. My attention to certian emotions such as anger, sadness, or anxiety before oils were low. In turn not allowing me to free my body of them or break them down caused me enormous amounts of stress. Without an outlet, I couldn't stop and ask myself what I was feeling? How can I deal with this? I'm not perfect but I do feel like I have help.  My whole family, even my dog benefit from these oils! Oils are changing my life! In a way I didn't know I was looking for. Fear of change is real and sometimes it is tossed into our lap because we're too stubborn to move on. Oils are helping me move in a healthier, wonderful direction, and lifestyle and it feels amazing!

These are a few of our amazing leaders. We have hundreds on our team and would love for you to call us home. And if you would like to be represented here on our site, we would love that! Just ask us!