The war in my head, my heart, and my soul.

The war in my head, my heart, and my soul.

All the research I have done, every time I go to buy something, and when I recommend something to someone, the war ensues. 

Is it local?

Is it organic?

Is it the best price?

Is it ethically made?

Is it the best quality?

Is it helping with zero waste?

Is it helping me be a minimalist?

Anyone? Anyone? Seriously. (Go put on some StressAway, it will be alright.) This is what I look for when I shop for anything, especially when I was looking for all the baby things before Adler was born.

Enter Young Living. 

  1. Is it local - To some people, yes Young Living is local. To me, it is more important that the plants are grown where the constituents are the best for our bodies to help us the way that we need them to help us!

  2. Is it organic - The organic standard to farm land is being pesticide and toxin free for 7 years, Young Living's standard is 50 years! They go so far above and beyond organic!

  3. Is it the best price - When I order my monthly subscription box, I get points back, lower shipping, and free products, I certainly am saving way more money for the top quality products Young Living makes

  4. Is it ethically made - Absolutely! Young Living is an incredible company that has an amazing leadership that trickles down the ranks. And all of our partner farms are vetted to make sure that their ethical practices are top notch.

  5. Is it the best quality - The best essential oils and products that you can find in the market hands down.

  6. Is it helping with zero waste - Did you know that there are TONS of products in Young Living that are incredibly concentrate? That helps us both on shipping prices (because we don't pay for them to ship us water essentially) and extra plastic for them to ship us more containers! Win win!

  7. Is it helping me be a minimalist - Heck yes because I don't shop at Target any more to bring home all the extra things! You all honestly, I buy all my personal care products from Young Living except toilet paper. Truly. It is awesome.

So why does this make my little heart flutter? Because I know that I am done doing research on so may areas of my life. All personal care products are just taken care of. Supplements. Protein powder. My travel first aid kit. Laundry soap, dish soap, household cleaner.

I get to focus on living a slow simplified life that is better for my health. Yes because slow is better, and because of all the toxin free living and essential oils. 

Join our team guys. Life changing stuff going on over here.



Off to camping I go...

Off to camping I go...

You clean your whole house with 1 plant based immune boosting cleaner? Yep.

You clean your whole house with 1 plant based immune boosting cleaner? Yep.