Why I want a diffuser in every room.

Why I want a diffuser in every room.

Seriously though.




Essential oils are absolutely power packed. And the quickest way to get the benefits of them? Smelling them. Seriously. In 3 seconds, tests have shown that the oils reach the heart, liver, and thyroid when inhaled. 

2 things that tells me.

1 - I want to make sure I get the best oils. (PS. That's Young Living!)

2. I want a diffuser in every room so that I can maximize the benefits of these bad boys.

I want Joy diffusing in my living room because JOY!!! And Purification in my kitchen after I cook fish to take the stink away. I want Lavender and Thieves in my little guys room to calm him and boost his immune system before bed time. And of course StressAway in the car, because road rage is serious you all. 

So this is the point where I tell you to get rid of all things scented. That's right. Get rid of your laundry soaps, your dryer sheets, your candles and plug ins, your shampoos and soaps, and yep, even your perfume. ESPECIALLY YOUR PERFUME!!! 

Perfume is now considered the new second hand smoke. The fake fragrance is literally killing us! 

OK, enough doom and gloom.

Go fill your diffuser with water. And add...

1 drop of Citrus Fresh (or lemon)

2 drops of StressAway

Turn that bad boy on. You will thank me when you get all happy and stress free. 

And if you don't have a diffuser and Young Livings starter kit that has the above oils in it? Go get one. Right now. Here is my link. https://yl.pe/83gw I will wait. Your body will thank you! And when I see you next, I will give you a hug. 

I promise.


I think I only want one or two oils...

I think I only want one or two oils...