Will NingXia Red make me a ninja?

Will NingXia Red make me a ninja?

I mean, pretty much yeah.

This drink is delish! My kiddo asks for his, "juice" every morning. 

Which makes me feel like a super mom, because it is amazing for him! I just keep pouring it as long as he asks for it. And if he spills it, you better believe I cry a little!

Let me tell you what's in it. Juice from the NingXia wolfberry of course, blueberry juice, plum juice, cherry juice, arena juice, pomegranate juice, stevia, orange essential oil, yuzu essential oil, lemon essential oil, and tangerine essential oil. What do all of those thing provide? An antioxidant drink that is off the charts on the ORAC scale. Google it. It also provides calcium, minerals, amino acids, and tons of B vitamins. Seriously, google ningxia red and ORAC scale.

So the question still remains, will I feel like a ninja? YES! Because 2 ounces of this juice supports every system in our bodies. That means it supports our brain health, boosts our energy (anyone a new mom here?), digestive health, cardiovascular system, immune system, along with supporting our muscles! It also supports our skin health!

Need more of a reason to start drinking it? The taste. It tastes amazing. I was not in the habit of drinking juice daily. Until 4 years ago. Now I make sure I travel with these little packets so I get my immune system supported, some crazy antioxidants, and of course, a little energy boost. Now if you want a HUGE energy boost, take a Ningxia Nitro. Nitro is my go to energy drink. Because not all kids sleep through the night. At least mine doesn't.

If you have kiddos, you can pat yourself on the back every day when you give this to them.

If there are no kiddos in your life, this will be your daily treat.

Clearly I drink it straight up every morning. It is that good. Sometimes I add a drop of orange essential oil to it. My absolute favorite way to drink it, is actually to eat it.

Popsicle style.

Do it.

Stick the whole packet straight in to the freezer and take it out a day later.

Your welcome. ;)

Now you know how to be a ninja every day too. And now you are going to go add it to your monthly order on Essential Rewards. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon and joined our team, you can now and get a starter kit that is a 2 month supply of Ningxia Red and a box of nitro too!

So you can feel like you are giving yourself a boost every day. Because we all need that boost! And your skin will thank you.


You clean your whole house with 1 plant based immune boosting cleaner? Yep.

You clean your whole house with 1 plant based immune boosting cleaner? Yep.

I think I only want one or two oils...

I think I only want one or two oils...