There are so many ways to share Young Living and the toxin free approach to living. One on one coffee dates, utilizing social media, teaching 1 class a month to pay for your oils, or teach 4-6 classes per month to replace an income. 

However fast or slow you grow, the key is to never quit!

There are many different leadership books out there and there are a whole host of them listed in the resources page. Here are a few ways to share and leaders who have written books that are incredible. Over time, you will likely share all of these ways. Personal growth happens here you all. It is a beautiful thing.

And we do quizzes. Because they are fun! My personal favorite is linked at the bottom of the page.


Social Media

Lindsay Teague Moreno touched on how she grew her team completely through Social Media. In her book, Getting Noticed, she gives you all the ways to truly connect with your audience and engage to make them feel heard. It is a super fast easy read and with intentionality anyone can implement! She has an amazing podcast called Boss Up!

More info on Lindsay here.


 One on Ones

Amanda Uribe, also taught lots of classes, in her books Grow and Dig, she talks about how her home was open to her circle of influence consistently. This too is a beautiful way to grow your team.  She allowed her friends, to bring friends over and thus they were introduced to what an oily lifestyle looked like. Her own version of one on ones.

More info on Amanda here.


Teaching classes

In her book Gameplan, Sarah Harnisch takes everything you need to know to do Young Living as a business from the ground up in one book. It is compact and ready to go. This book includes a script for a 101 class and so much more! Consistently teaching classes (both in person and/or online) really is the key to getting the information in front of lots of people if you want to grow fast.

More info on Sarah here.

This fun Color Personality Quiz is awesome!

This will help you know how to relate to the people around you.