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Oil Infused Supplements Class

It’s time to start a health revolution, my friends! What if, instead of waiting, we made a plan and worked our hardest to keep our bodies at optimal performance? What then? Less missed days of school or work, maybe. Less money spent at the pharmacy or in sick visits to the doctor. This is just the tip of the iceberg, really. 

Commercial techniques in agriculture leave soil deficient in many minerals our body needs. Food grown in these environments share the same mineral deficiency, as well. Food processing, cooking, & preservatives all lead to nutrient depletion. It becomes difficult to obtain adequate nutrition from foods like these. 

So what can supplements do? Well, a lot really. There’s such a variety that they can support from all sides. From supporting your immune system, cardiovascular system, and joints & muscles, to providing vitamins & minerals and aiding in digestion & metabolism…just to name a few! 

In this class, we are going to cover a few things that you could add to your daily routine! There are a plethora of natural options to boost and support your body systems. Join us Thursday, July 26th at 7pm to learn how to support your body! Of course there will be iTovi scans available and some Ningxia drink treats as well! 


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