Who We Are


Our Family

We started our healthy toxin free living adventure years ago through our journey to grow our family. Essential Oils made their way into our family fall of 2014. It was the following spring when Mica was sharing how they had not visited the doctor at all that winter, like they had needed to the previous years that it really sunk in how well they work. As we shared our story with friends, we realized the time and financial freedom that Young Living provided and that was life changing for us.


Thomas' favorite things include non traditional cars, making his own hard cider, researching the someday cabin that he will build from the land, and dreaming of homesteading. He is amazing at taking care of their home, simplifying with Mica, and working in the garage with Adler close to the momower (lawnmower). His favorite oil is any motor oil. Just kidding, it's StressAway and how it calms him down in non ideal situations.


Mica adores flowers (holding lavender above), cooking food from scratch, adventuring outside with Adler, and traveling with both her boys. She absolutely loves simplifying life in any way she can. And her heart is full when there are people in her home and she is sharing about essential oils including the financial and time freedom that can be found with Young Living. Her favorite oil is Valor because of the confidence and grounding that it brings.


Adler loves all the balls, trucks, busses, and his baby doll. He will be outside any chance he can and his favorite thing on earth is the momower (lawnmower). Seriously you all. He loves it. His favorite Young Living product is Mightyvites. He asks for it any time he sees us getting our supplements out. Here he is (Mona Farm 2017) sitting in Juniper chips  that were a day away from being an Essential Oil.